Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter

The goal of this project is to connect people into a meaningful realm of life and avoid isolation, a prevent family violence and suicidal tendencies.

LHF supports and contributes to the health promotion capacity of ‘MIND OVER MATTER’ project. LHF also coordinates the development, implementation and evaluation of projects and program’s relations strategies. The role of LHF also provides all kind of advisory services across the like-minded colleagues, organisations and has strong liaison with external media. Professionally trained staff of LHF provide community based ‘Experiential Therapies’ for people from different age group.

People can participate the in ways to express their thoughts and emotions by engaging into positive activities in order to improve healthy habits and encourage participants in lifestyle changes. These activities include:

  • Art therapy and music classes
  • Nutritional cooking workshops
  • Tai Chi
  • Zoomba and Dance Yoga
  • Kabbalah Healing
  • Reality Transurfing programs

LHF is also dedicated to develop strategy of change and action based on clinical and scientific research in the area of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The objective is to offer an integrative approach in recovery orientated programs in relation to the effect of PTSD on the second and third generations, and help them in alleviating their issues. Professional mental health workers help people
with PTSD in an easy recovery process by listening to them with a sympathetic ear, and make efforts in understanding them and their problems. We try to relieve the suffering person in healing by talking, sharing and engaging him and make them feel loved. Once we know, what triggers may cause an upsetting reaction, we are in a better position to help people.

Our program is focused on sharing, caring and bringing awareness on positive and healthy lifestyle, motivation for those who suffering and help them to perceive life and society in a positive manner and shun away the darkness from their lives.