Never Again

United Nation Strategy on Holocaust

LHF is involved in specific projects based on United Nation Strategy on Holocaust study and Beijing platform on Violence against Women and Elderly abuse/Neglect.

LHF is developing a holistic and multidisciplinary plan to help the challenging task of Indigenous Genocide, Climate Genocide and Holocaust denial. LHF is promoting Holocaust and Genocide study to prevent violence and terrorism, and to support well-being of Indigenous people around the World.
LHF is dedicated to develop strategy of change and action based on clinical and scientific research in the area of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
The core objective is to offer an integrative approach in recovery orientated programs in relation to the effect of PTSD on the second and third generations, and help them in alleviating their issues.

The Green Pharmacy goals to address and strengthen the historical and sociological significance and participate to human rights study by learning from the Holocaust. Holocaust education helps to bring awareness of racism, anti-semitism, genocides and ethnic conflicts. “The Holocaust cannot be taught or understood as an aberration in the history of humanity”.

The holocaust is one of the most extreme example of genocide, but people should be able see similarities with most comparative framework of Armenian, Native American, Aboriginal, Cambodian, Bosnian and Rwandan genocide.